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Ranika Speaks

Most Requested Topics


Breakthrough Blueprint: Empowerment for Transforming Your Circumstances

Through her insightful guidance, Ranika will reveal invaluable strategies to obtain the necessary resources you need, teach you how to create a plan to break through your circumstances and guide you to embarking on a remarkable journey of personal growth, fulfillment, and a brighter future.


Tech Talks: Mindset Shifting

With a keen focus on the intersection of technology and personal growth, this speech delves into the crucial role mindset plays in navigating challenges, fostering innovation, and embracing change. This speech serves as a catalyst for empowering the audience to adopt a transformative mindset that propels them towards greatness.


The Gift of Being an Artist

This speech serves as a reminder of the extraordinary gift artists bring to the world and encourages individuals to embrace and nurture their own artistic spirit as creators and visionaries. Delving into the challenges and triumphs of the artistic journey, you will be inspired to embrace your own creativity and recognize the immense value of art in fostering connection, reflection, and societal change.

Signature Talks


Surviving Narcissistic Relationships

Drawing upon personal experiences and deep insights into the dynamics of narcissistic abuse, this speech sheds light on the emotional and psychological impact of such relationships. This speech serves as a guiding light for those seeking to break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse and find a path towards empowerment and self-love.


Building God-Centered Community

The Church can be a hindrance to healing. But we certainly don’t want to be. By using Biblical stories Ranika, will present a way of approaching those who are hurting in your church by looking at the person and not the outside circumstances that they find themselves in.


Unveiling the Heart of Jesus: Embracing Love, Mercy, and Authenticity

In this remarkable keynote, Ranika invites Christians to let go of judgment and hypocrisy, and instead, fully embody the open arms and non-legalistic spirit that Jesus expects from His followers. It's time to put down the rod of judgment and pick up the mantle of compassion.

Keynotes start at $2500

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