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Facilitation & Hosting

Ranika's Philosopy

"Facilitation is like being the conductor of an orchestra. You understand each person's instrument—their voice, ideas, thoughts and feelings are essential to what's happening in the room. Individual participation adds to the collective value in that space." 

As a facilitator, Ranika takes an "all in" approach to every event by getting the audience to go deeper and engage, enhancing the event's message and mission and keeping the event on time.


Photo: Tracy Watts


Business Conferences & Events

Facilitating small business networking events and roundtables discussions and panels is also Ranika's expertise. Ranika delivers unparalleled value by expertly guiding discussions, fostering collaboration, and ensuring strategic alignment. Whether it's a leadership retreat or a high-stakes conference, Ranika's facilitation elevates the experience, ensuring actionable outcomes and a cohesive, motivated team ready to tackle future challenges.

Group Discussions & Panels

With her own group discussions and workshops around domestic violence, Ranika's first concern in any group facilitation is to make sure all participants feel safe enough to share. Ranika is also called on to lead church group facilitation and events. With an intuitive grasp of group dynamics, Ranika expertly guides discussions, activities, and collaborative exercises, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. By maintaining a balance between structure and flexibility, Ranika ensures that workshops are productive, on schedule, and tailored to meet the group's goals. 

Art Gatherings

Ranika has facilitated several art events such as OddKin Unite, sponsored by the Charlotte Arts & Science Council and Kinship Plot. She also creates and facilitates events for the global arts organization Engage Art. Ranika brings a vibrant and inspiring touch to facilitation, creating an atmosphere where creativity and expression flourish. Whether it's a gallery opening, a creative workshop, or an artist panel, Ranika's facilitation elevates the experience, making it memorable and impactful for all involved.


As an emcee, Ranika ensures that she keeps the event on time, makes the crowed feel comfortable and at home, and takes the work off the event planner. She has a gift of keeping the audience engaged with her high energy and personable approach. She also ensures that she enhances theme of every event.

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