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Shifting Mindsets

Seeing People Beyond Their Circumstances

Ranika is a passionate motivational speaker and advocate for personal transformation. Ranika speaks to individuals who may be trying to break into tech, those who are currently experiencing or have previously experienced difficult and abusive relationships or situations, and those looking to transform their thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives to achieve personal growth. 

Overall, Ranika's journey of overcoming her own challenges has equipped her with a unique perspective and a powerful voice. She is committed to using her platform to inspire and empower others to live their best lives.

Ranika is a dynamic public speaker, host, and facilitator who uses her personal experiences and deep faith to inspire and empower others. As a single mother of five, she understands the unique challenges facing parents today and is passionate about helping others overcome and achieve their full potential through public speaking, workshops and quality coaching.

Empowering minds. Inspiring hearts.

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I was intrigued with her smart work, dedication, and engagement to help us all heal while walking through some tough periods in our personal life. She is truly a gift from God, and her servanthood stands out.

T. Ingram, NC

I attended Ranika's six week workshop and love how she broke down concepts and made the material interactive. I still have a  great connection with the people who were in my group.

Morgan J., NY

Ranika brings an authenticity to her work and speeches that make me feel like I'm seen. Going through her workshop let me know that not only am I not alone, but I can trust what I feel and move forward and thrive.

Lisa D., MI

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